InnerExchange develops FIX testing system

Source: innerExchange

InnerExchange, a leading provider of FIX trading, connectivity and smart routing solutions to the financial community, today announced that it has launched inExTest, a new service that will help FIX Protocol developers to set up their own fully featured electronic trading exchange for testing purposes.

On the back of the tremendous success of, responding to numerous requests received from FIX development teams, innerExchange provides inExTest to the financial community.

The key differentiator of inExTest, compared to other existing testing system, is its capacity to interact with a full business flow process across any version of FIX, any asset class, and more importantly any market model.

Developers will be able to run full tests of multi-asset classes' solutions that require quote and/or price driven market models. They also can choose from a range of operational cycles including auctions, multi-auctions, continuous trading, ... and a full range of matching algorithms (FIFO, Pro-Rata, Binary, ...). Each market can then be interactively controlled by the user or automatically controlled on a scripted basis.

Nicolas Chéronet, Managing Director of innerExchange said "We have had a tremendous success with our unique service, and that has generated a lot of requests for new applications of such service. inExTest is amongst these, and shows further innerExchange's capacity to respond very quickly to new demands, on the back of the high business agility of its solutions".

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