Michigan First CU rolls out high-speed coin counters

Source: Michigan First Credit Union

ATMs that can accept coins, paper currency and checks without an envelope; can scan checks; and cash checks to the penny. These are just some of the innovative, convenient services that Michigan First Credit Union has offered its members since 2004. Now, Michigan First has introduced no fee high-speed coin counters for its members.

It's all part of its commitment to provide leading-edge technology and outstanding customer service.

"While some banks are introducing 'new' ATMs that scan checks and don't require envelopes for deposits, Michigan First Credit Union was one of the first financial institutions in North America to introduce this technology at its branches more than four years ago," said Michael Poulos, president and CEO of Michigan First Credit Union. "In addition to these convenient services, our ATMs - called MoneyWorks Banking Centers - can accept coins and cash checks to the penny. We have a number of other innovative services in the works to further serve our members."

To complement the coin counters that are incorporated into the MoneyWorks Banking Centers, Michigan First Credit Union is also in the process of installing high-speed coin counters at each of its branches and is already in use at its main branch in Lathrup Village, Mich. The high-speed coin counters can process approximately 3,000 coins a minute compared to the ATM counters that process 700 coins a minute. This service is free for credit union members, while non-members are charged a nominal fee.

"Every penny counts, especially in these tough economic times," Poulos said. "Our members have saved time and money by using these convenient services."

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