Consumer Direct launches ATM:Ad campaign

Source: ATM:ad

Consumer Direct, the Government helpline, will be using ATM advertising provided by ATM:ad as part of a regional integrated marketing strategy.

The dynamic campaign is a first for the helpline and will target high-street shoppers in the Yorkshire and Humber region. It aims to raise awareness of the Consumer Direct helpline and website, which offer the public free advice about their consumer rights.

As people wait for their cash, ATM:ad's technology will deliver images and messages representing some of the most popular complaints, including holiday mishaps and faulty goods. The campaign will run from June 2 - June 15. It is expected that 200,000 people will see the adverts.

The helpline details will also feature on the take-home advice slip, of which, 50,000 are expected to be requested.

"Consumer Direct is a national scheme with specific regional goals, so ATM advertising on very specific ATM sites is ideal," said Richard Rowley, head of media sales at ATM:ad. "What's more, the media and the message link well. Consumers are in a 'life management' frame of mind while handling their finances, meaning they will take on board the message of free consumer advice."

"ATM advertising offers something different from traditional outdoor media, helping us to reach our target audience on a one-to-one basis," commented Suzanne Kitchen, liaison and communications officer, at Consumer Direct. "The location of the ATMs is also important; reaching people on the high street means that consumer rights are at the fore-front of their mind when they are out shopping."

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