XchangeAgent selects On-Line Strategies payment processing suite

Source: On-Line Strategies

XchangeAGENT recently selected On-Line Strategies' payment processing solution suite to implement business and consumer payment transaction processing solutions throughout the Americas.

xchangeAGENT solutions currently cover electronic payment services across industries such as unbanked financial services, consumer to business payments and citizen to government payments. xchangeAGENT plans to expand their suite of offerings to a wide variety of payment solutions to facilitate transactions throughout North and South America for both business and consumer payment activities.

xchangeAGENT chose to partner with OLS due to the variety of payment solutions offered by OLS as well as their extensive experience and expertise in the payments industry. "OLS provides a very flexible payments engine capable of supporting virtually any type of consumer or business payment," says Michael Prozer, president of xchangeAGENT. "And, the OLS solutions are available as an either in-house implementation or a managed service offering."

By selecting to use OLS.Host for its immediate needs, xchangeAGENT will be able to quickly implement a number of payment types and have the flexibility to add more payment forms and methods to its portfolio in the future. "Since we have so many opportunities to expand our business, we needed a way to get solutions to the market rapidly" says Prozer. By making a premeditated move to use the technologically advanced, cost-effective outsourcing solution supplied by On-Line Strategies, xchangeAGENT has favorably positioned itself for the current and future payment needs of its clients.

OLS.Host is the managed services implementation of On-Line Strategies' personal consumption expenditures (PCE) payment processing engine, OLS.Switch. Using a managed service allows xchangeAGENT to rapidly implement cost effective payment solutions for its current and future clients. OLS.Host is backed by a veteran consulting staff and a support staff heavily experienced in 24x7x365 operation to assure operational integrity and availability.

OLS.Switch, the foundation for OLS.Host, was built using current staate-of-the-art technologies and the latest standards and best practices for payments and settlement processing. OLS.Switch is structured as a standards-based transaction processing engine surrounded by highly flexible business logic developed with the insights gained from many years of operational experience. Using the latest in technologies and commodity hardware platforms; OLS solutions represent a new benchmark in total cost of ownership ('TCO'). "OLS.Switch is a new, advanced, fourth iteration payment engine built with the performance, reliability and flexibility that the market needs at a TCO it can afford," explained Terry Richards, founder and president of OLS.

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