MarketTools integrates 41st Parameter fraud technology

Source: 41st Parameter

41st Parameter, the leading provider of Internet Fraud Intervention Services and Technology for e-commerce and financial services, today announced the selection of its PCPrint Device Identification solution by MarketTools, the leading innovator of online market research and the technology and solutions leader for Customer Insight Management.

MarketTools plans to integrate 41st Parameter's PCPrint with its recently launched TrueSample solution to offer the highest level of data validation available from any online market research organisation. MarketTools will leverage the same proprietary technology and expertise that is used to reduce online fraud at the majority of US banks.

MarketTools' TrueSample ensures that only real, unique, and engaged panelists can take surveys. The integration of 41st Parameter's sophisticated PCPrint Device ID solution will supplement the final layer of sample validation - the elimination of duplicate responders.

"41st Parameter's PCPrint further strengthens our stringent TrueSample validation processes," said Jeff Stewart, Director of Product Management for Panels at MarketTools. "In our industry, billions of dollars are invested annually in online market research for thousands of clients. TrueSample eliminates non-qualified respondents before we engage with them. 41st Parameter's PCPrint will compliment this by flagging respondents with multiple online identities. We are pleased to select their solution after an extensive technology review."

"Our approach to fraud in the credit card industry is highly transferable to online market research, where it is equally important to know who you are interacting with online," commented Ori Eisen, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, 41st Parameter. "Just like banks need to know that a customer is the genuine account holder, research organisations need to know that a study participant is truly of the target demographic group. MarketTools is taking a leadership position by recognising the value of e-commerce technology validation and applying it to solve business issues. 41st Parameter is excited to expand our applications beyond traditional spheres and into many more vertical markets."

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