Pegasystems ships call centre system for insurance industry

Source: Pegasystems

With the launch today of the first comprehensive contact center solution designed expressly for the insurance industry, Pegasystems (NASDAQ: PEGA) once again demonstrates its leadership in providing Business Process Management (BPM) solutions that address industry challenges.

The new contact center framework, CPM for Insurance, centers around an intent-driven approach with all of the capabilities needed to operate a highly efficient multi-channel customer service center, including screens, scripts, processes, scenarios and rules which can be easily modified, without additional programming, to reflect changing business conditions and regulatory requirements.

Unlike other contact center solutions, CPM for Insurance uses real-time decisioning to prompt customer service reps with the "next best step" based on the customer's intent, taking the guesswork out of customer relationship management and decreasing average call time by resolving issues quickly. The unique insurance contact center solution integrates and unifies all customer-facing processes and legacy systems for 360° views of customers. Data is captured using dialog and process flows that reflect the caller's priorities and point of view. This allows carriers to rapidly gain an accurate and complete understanding of a policyholder's needs, even during a crisis situation, and quickly respond to those needs.

The solution incorporates industry best practices and captures and leverages internal knowledge. This means that carriers can quickly and efficiently fulfill customer requests, anticipate needs and provide highly personalized service - whether over the phone, the internet or by e-mail. The result is dramatically improved productivity and increased customer retention.

The Pegasystems solution also provides tools that promote effective cross-sell, up-sell and retention activities. For example, targeted campaigns can be generated with an easy-to-use wizard that creates offer scripts, objection handling and detailed statistical reporting of offer activity.

In addition to the core intent-driven process framework, the application's rich functionality includes:

* Sophisticated multi-media, multi-channel interaction management
* The full spectrum of service request processing including intelligent follow-on activities and correspondence generation
* Call routing and work assignments based on contact center representative skills
* Customer-based service level profiles, goals, and escalation events
* Industry-leading access, security and system maintenance provisions
* Easy generation of custom reports in addition to a robust set of contact center activity reports, all of which can be input to other standardized reporting packages

"Today's consumers have a broad range of options for insurance coverage - and high expectations with regard to service. As a result, carriers are all experiencing pressure to take costs out of their operations and at the same time provide unprecedented levels of customer service," said Gary Kirkham, Director, Insurance Industry Solutions at Pegasystems. "Our latest offering demonstrates Pegasystems' deep understanding of the insurance industry and experience in helping to solve its unique challenges. With it, carriers can simultaneously solve the problems of cost, productivity and service. And because this contact center solution is based on Pega's Build for Change® technology, carriers will have the agility they need to respond to changing pressures and opportunities in the future."

Pegasystems also announced its new Claims Service Backbone (CSB) for managing, tracking and reporting on policyholders' requests for payment. Unique in the industry, CSB contains all the business processes and rules used by carriers to pay claims to policyholders and assure full compliance with internal and regulatory policies and controls. For more information on both products, visit Pega at the ACORD LOMA event, booth number 350.

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