Graham Technology re-named ciboodle

Source: Graham Technology

Graham Technology, a provider of customer-oriented business software and services has changed its name to ciboodle.

Following its recent acquisition by SWORD Group, the company has adopted the name of its flagship product to reflect the focus of the company moving forward.

ciboodle is the company’s award-winning business-process-driven CRM software product for contact centers. Targeted primarily towards large companies in sectors including financial services, utilities, telecommunications and retail, it is the only BPM-based CRM product focused solely on the contact center market.

"As a product, ciboodle has been a massive success since its launch 18 months ago, securing customers like Scottish Water, Vodafone Netherlands and Friends Provident, and receiving widespread analyst recognition and several industry awards," said Mike Hughes, business unit director at ciboodle. "This name change is reflective of the direction that the company has been taking since the concept of ciboodle was first agreed upon. Graham Technology is a name synonymous with quality and success, but ciboodle represents the future of this company, and it is fitting that this is the name that we are unified behind."

The acquisition by SWORD Group has provided ciboodle with an enhanced ability to target international and vertical markets through the firm’s extensive presence in banking, insurance, energy and telecoms sectors across the world.

"We are making great progress with the integration of ciboodle into the SWORD family, which is to become the primary customer interface for the group’s business software products," said Tony Holland, Chief Operating Officer at SWORD Group’s software division. "We are already evaluating our existing accounts for good matches, particularly among our financial services and insurance customers, where we see a lot of synergy between ciboodle’s capabilities and the requirements of companies in that sector."

The United States is a key market for ciboodle, where where the contact center sector is considered to represent over two-thirds of the global market, with over 60,000 contact centers and 5.5 million contact center agents. SWORD already has a strong foothold in the U.S., with offices in New York, Houston and San Francisco.

"A key part of ciboodle’s existing business plan was to increase the company’s U.S. presence, and we have significantly enhanced that plan since the acquisition," added Holland. "By the end of the year, we expect to have established a key new office in Chicago, and ciboodle will also operate out of our New York office, which is focused primarily on the financial services sector."

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