MTS plans Brazilian global bonds market

Source: MTS Group

MTS Group, the pan-European electronic trading platform for government bonds, is pleased to announce an agreement with the Brazilian Ministry of Finance for the creation of an electronic market dedicated to the trading of local currency sovereign securities issued by the Federative Republic of Brazil.

MTS Brazil, which will allow for trading in real-denominated Brazilian international bonds, is expected to launch in the course of 2008

“We are pleased to cooperate with MTS toward the creation of an electronic market for Brazilian international bonds,” said Paulo Valle, Deputy Secretary of the Brazilian National Treasury. “The new market represents a significant step in the continued development of Brazil’s government securities market, and in the expansion of Brazil’s external investor base. Therefore, we expect it to provide a benchmark for our international fixed income sector.”

Ciro Pietroluongo, Chief Executive Officer of MTS said: “As global capital markets search for greater liquidity and efficiency in their bond issuance, MTS is committed to creating an environment where issuers, dealers and investors can satisfy this need. We look forward to working with the Brazilian Ministry of Finance and dealers to develop a model that enhances liquidity and efficiency within the market.”

Alexei Remizov, Senior Vice President of HSBC commented: “We are committed to supporting the Brazilian bond market and are therefore pleased that MTS will launch an efficient electronic trading platform for Brazil. We expect the new market will lead to increased participation in Brazilian bonds.”

“We look forward to the launch of MTS Brazil as we expect it to heighten efficiency in the trading of Brazilian sovereign debt,” said Charles Achoa Jr, Managing Director, Credit Suisse. “Thus, its introduction will develop the marketplace and allow us to continue to best serve our clients.”

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