Deutsche Börse Systems extends Corvil deployment

Source: Corvil

Corvil, the leading provider of low latency networking solutions, today announced the successful global deployment of its technology at Deutsche Börse.

Following the decision last year to use Corvil technology to monitor its low latency network, Deutsche Börse Systems (DBS) moved quickly to a global deployment, supported by Corvil Advanced Services. DBS has installed more than 20 appliances running Corvil software measuring latency between the Frankfurt data centres and all Eurex access points throughout the world offering the new market data service.

Now fully operational and integrated with the DBS Network Management System, the Corvil technology is critical to supervise the ultra low levels of latency and loss for Eurex Enhanced Broadcast Stream (EBS) customers throughout the worldwide distribution network.

"We worked very closely with DBS throughout the deployment of our technology in the Eurex network, and we are very satisfied with the success of the project", said Donal Byrne, CEO of Corvil. "For us, it is further evidence of the value we are bringing to low latency networking for investment banks and stock exchanges. Corvil's products and services are realising competitive advantage for our customers."

"We are delighted with the success of the new Enhanced Broadcast Solution, both in terms of its technical delivery, and its performance - and this has been reflected in the customer take-up", said Christian Leis, Head of Networks at DBS. "The Corvil technology gives us the ability to monitor our network at microsecond levels, and ensure we are delivering the lowest latency possible to our customers."

Eurex EBS offers ultra-low latency for price information combined with zero functional packet loss. Customers who use Proximity Services of Deutsche Börse retrieve information with average one-way packet latencies of 170 microseconds or better. The EBS rollout received official recognition with the award of Best Networking Project of the Year at the Financial Sector Technology Awards 2008.

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