Target upgrades broker software

Source: Target Group

Target Group has launched a significantly-upgraded version of its broker software, Target bluechip.

Target bluechip includes a host of new features and a more familiar Microsoft style look and feel. Target bluechip is designed to reduce process times for users and therefore improve team operational efficiency.

The 2008 version will allow brokers the ability to maximise every deal whilst taking care of compliance. The smart workflow, which reduces errors and automates the process, supports a system that allows brokers to increase loan volumes without increasing their headcount.

Target bluechip's screen flow has been re-ordered, following feedback from clients, so that it more closely follows a typical loan payout process, with diarised events. Simple navigation menus make processing loans and mortgages even easier.

Mark Clinton, Director of BDS Secured Loans, which is already using Target bluechip 2008, said of the new package, "We like the easy loan process flow, the marketing campaign and effectiveness tracking, plus the audit trail. Target bluechip ensures we meet the CCA regulations, particularly around when we can contact our clients."

Nigel Griffiths, Sales Director at BCS Loans & Mortgages, said, "Target bluechip 2008 is more user-friendly and easier to navigate. My team's received it very well."

Steve Stone, Head of Broker Services at Target Group, said the new product was timely. "It's a tough market out there. For brokers, working smart and focusing on delivering terrific service is key. Thankfully, this is where Target bluechip takes centre stage. It removes the hassle, automates the process and takes care of your compliance. It allows you to focus on your clients."

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