Kyriba and Bred Banque Populaire team on SwiftNet access

Source: Kyriba Corporation

Kyriba Corporation, the leader of Web-based cash and treasury management solutions, is pleased to offer its customers direct access to SwiftNet for bank communications.

SwiftNet access is made possible via Kyriba's strategic partnership with Bred Banque Populaire's "Service Bureau," acting as a SWIFT Member Concentrator. Kyriba customers will benefit from all Corporate services developed by SWIFT, without administrative or technical complexity.

More and more corporations are joining SWIFTNet to take advantage of globally standardized bank communications as well as the cost savings benefits. For small and medium-sized corporations, building and maintaining a SWIFTNet infrastructure can be an administrative challenge and costly endeavor. Outsourcing the administration and connectivity is more efficient and allows corporate treasuries to concentrate on their core business.

Through the relationship with Bred Banque, Kyriba will supply its customers with a SWIFTNet connection and be responsible for obtaining the BEI code, ongoing maintenance, SWIFT upgrades, and for managing SWIFT invoices.

"We are glad to see the Member Concentrator model attracting partners such as Kyriba/Bred Banque, and allowing new corporate customers to join SWIFT more easily," said Luc Meurant, Head of Corporate Access Programme, SWIFT. "SWIFT is well known as the global provider of secure financial messaging services. Partnering with companies like Kyriba/Bred Banque, who simplify and enable corporate usage, is an important part of our strategy and we welcome them and their customers to SWIFT."

"A significant advantage of the Kyriba treasury solution is our Communications Hub, a state-of-the-art platform, which will be integrated with SWIFT," stated Jean-Luc Robert, CEO for Kyriba Corporation. "Providing SWIFT connectivity shows Kyriba's ongoing commitment to provide the best service to our customers, while continuing to grow the company through our development efforts, strategic partnerships, and customer acquisitions."

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