Montpelier Asset Management upgrades IT infrastructure with SAS

Source: SAS Group

The SAS Group, an international provider of IP-based network and communication infrastructure services, has completed the successful implementation of a new IT infrastructure for Montpelier Asset Management, an investment management firm based in London with accounts totalling in excess of USD 1 billion.

The upgrade helps ensure the company's compliance with Financial Services Authority (FSA) regulations by providing a resilient, reliable and secure network with additional disaster recovery capabilities. Under FSA rules, Montpelier must have in place a business continuity strategy to ensure smooth running of its operations in the event of a network failure.

Montpelier appointed the SAS Group to complete a thorough review of its infrastructure, and to provide advice and recommendations for improving the performance, security and resilience of its network. Having carried out an initial audit of all on-site infrastructure components, the SAS Group found that much of the firm's hardware was out of warranty, and that business operations relied on several unsupported software programs. On the SAS Group's advice, Montpelier undertook a complete technology refresh, including the installation of three new servers, new desktops, routers, switches and firewalls. With limited IT resources in-house, the SAS Group managed the project from start to finish and continues to provide ongoing support.

"An update of our IT system was vital to ensure we could adhere to stringent industry standards, and to avoid any further disruption to the day-to-day running of our business," said Jean Cooke, company secretary at Montpelier. "After undertaking a review of our existing set up, the SAS Group was able to complete the implementation over the course of one weekend, with no interruption to our normal working practices whatsoever. With round-the-clock support from the SAS Group's team of technology experts, we can now operate safe in the knowledge that our infrastructure is always compliant, available and secure."

Any change to the existing infrastructure needed to support Montpelier's international team, who depend on BlackBerry smartphones for their business communications. In addition to integrating a BlackBerry exchange server in to the overall IT infrastructure, the SAS Group also implemented remote desktop log-in capabilities, giving staff direct access to their files on the server.

"For financial organisations like Montpelier, which operate in strict regulatory environments and have significant interests across the world, it is essential that their infrastructures are as secure and reliable as possible," said Charles Davis, CEO of the SAS Group. "But for smaller firms, which typically have few in-house IT experts, it is relatively easy to overlook technology in favour of everyday business operations. These firms are advised to enlist the help of an expert third party, which can take complete control of all IT operations, from systems design to aftersales support."

The SAS Group continues to provide ongoing support and live monitoring of all systems across Montpelier's IT infrastructure, and responds to any urgent queries with an on-site response time of less than four hours. It also conducts weekly maintenance visits, to further ensure that equipment is always working optimally. In addition, the SAS Group helped Montpelier arrange for the removal of redundant equipment via hazardous toxic waste disposal contractor Enviro Green.

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