Alphacet adds OneMarketData technology to Alphacet Discovery

Source: Alphacet

Alphacet today announced a partnership agreement with OneMarketData (OMD), in which OMD's OneTick solution for tick data management and analytics will be included as a fully integrated feature of Alphacet Discovery, the only straight through processing solution for quantitative strategy development and deployment.

"OneTick's advanced solution for tick data significantly enhances Alphacet Discovery, which enables quantitative managers to improve their performance by developing and implementing better strategies faster, more easily and with zero coding," said Peter Sibirzeff, Chief Executive Officer of Alphacet.

OneTick's single-point solution provides financial institutions with uniform access to all tick data globally, from real-time streaming data to years of history. By centralizing tick data management and analytics, OneTick enables users to leverage high-frequency data for rapid modeling of quantitative and statistical strategies.

"OneTick and Alphacet Discovery are an excellent match," said Leonid Frants, CEO of OneMarketData. "Both solutions are based on a deep understanding of the needs of the marketplace and both represent substantial leaps beyond existing conventional solutions."

OneTick captures, stores, and processes high-frequency financial data. Built around OMD's proprietary in-memory and archive database products, and its event-processing engine, OneTick can address a financial institution's global needs for collection, archiving, and performing analytics with massive amounts of intraday data. Its unique architecture needs little scaling to support the needs of the entire enterprise, and its built-in business domain knowledge, financial data expertise and generic analytics make OneTick today's most cost-effective option for firm-wide tick data management by minimizing the licensing, integration, and hardware costs.

The commercial launch of Alphacet Discovery, which has been in development and testing for more than four years, is planned for the second quarter of 2008. Alphacet Discovery seamlessly connects to leading market data vendors and market database partners, and provides advanced codeless financial modeling tools that allow "on the fly" programming, backtesting, walk forward and capability to push live—all through a revolutionary drag & drop interface.

Alphacet Discovery on average reduces the time to market for strategy-generation and production from 13 to 26 weeks using conventional methods to as little as one to four weeks.

Key features of Alphacet Discovery include:
  • Integrates real time, static and historical data from major market data vendors, exchanges and client-proprietary sources;
  • Multi-asset class, multi frequency, multi-instrument type capable; build any kind of model for any kind of instrument;
  • Complete transparency with high-speed object-oriented visualization tools;
  • Pre-configured quantitative, technical and statistical components for building all major strategy types—no additional programming or coding required;
  • Complex multi-layer models can be created, backtested, and risk/reward measured in hours/days instead of weeks/months;
  • Unique drag-and-drop GUI speeds strategy construction and iteration; and,
  • Includes real-time machine-learning routines for creating adaptive strategies.

Alphacet Discovery's seven categories of quantitative tools and algorithms for statistical arbitrage cover technical analysis; fundamental factor analysis; principal components analysis; machine-learning algorithms; econometric time series analysis; wavelets; and digital news processing.

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