AMP Capital Investors rolls out Eagle data management system

Source: Eagle Investment Systems

Eagle Investment Systems, a leading provider of financial services technology and a subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, today announced it had completed the first phase of a project with AMP Capital Investors to implement Eagle's data management solution in its investment management platform.

AMP Capital Investors is a leading Australian specialist investment manager with more than $111 billion (Australian dollars) assets under management as at 31 December 2007. The company engaged Eagle to implement its data management solution to centralize, cleanse, and validate its investment data to ensure that consistent information is shared across investment management systems.

"When we began this project a year ago, we understood that Eagle offered the required resources and solutions for our platform," said Henry Capra, CFO of AMP Capital Investors. "As such, we completed this first leg of the project according to our original plan. Eagle provided dedicated resources from the beginning, which helped ensure a smooth transition of our data."

"Eagle's data management solution is a key part of the overall platform, as data is the common thread of these systems," Mr. Capra said.

"We are very pleased with the outcome of phase one in the project plan, and look forward to a continued relationship with AMP Capital Investors as they continue to build out their solutions," said John Lehner, president of Eagle.

"The AMP Capital Investors project is significant. It has been no small task in reaching this important milestone," said John Legrand, managing director for Eagle's EMEA and Asia Pacific regions. "The relationship that has developed between AMP Capital Investors and Eagle over the course of this project is a solid alliance. The success of this part of the operation is directly attributed to an open and actively engaged project team and sponsors from both sides."

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