Zats upgrades trading platform

Source: Zealous Trading

Zealous Trading Group, (OTCBB: ZLST) has officially launched the Zealous ATS next generation trading platform covering restricted stocks and illiquid securities integrated with proprietary FlashPoint research.

This platform is expected to facilitate trading of restricted stock, warrants, and block trades of illiquid OTC equities.

The Zealous ATS next generation platform replicates some of the previous functionality from the Zealous ATS version 1.0, but adds many key aspects.
  • Provides a centralized electronic issuance platform for private placements such as PIPES, APOs, and IPLs;
  • Provides customized view of trading opportunities and portfolios in one centralized location;
  • Transparent securities order book;
  • Discreet Indication of Interest (IOI) negotiated securities order book; and
  • Ability to monitor trade settlement status online.

Paul Kessler, President and CEO of Bristol Capital Advisors, a Los Angeles based fund, commented: "The combination of what Zealous ATS is developing and the depth of information that the Company's research portal, FlashPoint, has is creating what I consider to be a Bloomberg for alternative markets. I have not seen such a platform for these securities, and I look forward to using the functionality of the next generation."

Zealous' President and CEO Milton "Todd" Ault, III commented, "The development of the new platform was a collaboration of many of our clients and we greatly appreciate their efforts. I also acknowledge the tireless efforts that EAI Technologies, our technology provider, has put forth for this launch as well as our version 1.0 tech team, Transfer Online with special thanks to Velan Thillairajah of EAI and Lori Livingston of Transfer Online." Mr. Ault concluded, "Over the next few months we are excited to be adding new products and trading functionality to meet the needs and demand we are experiencing from our members."

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