Fiserv ITI Northeast Data Centre introduces CRM strategy

Source: Fiserv

The Fiserv ITI Northeast Data Center, a unit of Fiserv, Inc. (Nasdaq:FISV) announces today a CRM strategy and marketing solution for their institutions.

The CRM solution, based on SEDONA Corporation (OTCBB:SDNA) CRM technology, will put invaluable information at the desktop of Fiserv ITI Northeast Data Center customers.

"Our customers are not only demanding the ability to retain existing customers," states Jim Le Van, Fiserv ITI Northeast Data Center President, "they are demanding a way to make their existing client base more profitable."

"CRM technology will allow our financial institutions a full view of their client base," Mr. Le Van continued, "it will give them the ability to know what products to offer, where to market these products, and the cost savings of only marketing to those with the propensity to buy. The complete package, made affordable, is a 'win win' for our customers."

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