Eze Castle Software connects to Bids Trading

Source: Bids Trading

Bids Trading, the alternative trading system (ATS) designed to increase competition and liquidity in the US equity block trading market, and BNY ConvergEx Group, a leading provider of global agency brokerage and investment technology solutions, announced today that connectivity has been established between their two trading platforms.

A direct link between the Eze Castle Software Order Management System (OMS) and the BIDS Trading ATS provides integration between the two platforms, allowing Eze OMS users to anonymously trade large blocks of US equities on BIDS Trading.

"Our clients rely on the Eze OMS to efficiently manage their investment and trading workflow. They look to us to establish connectivity with key liquidity providers, like BIDS Trading, to streamline order routing and execution between trading platforms," said Tom Gavin, CEO of Eze Castle Software.

"The sophisticated market participants who use the Eze OMS now have the ability to execute trades on the BIDS Trading ATS, giving them entry into our deep liquidity pool," said Tim Mahoney, Chief Executive Officer of BIDS Trading. "We are pleased to add the Eze OMS to the twelve electronic trading platforms already connected to BIDS Trading. With each new partner, we come closer to achieving our goal of offering buy- and sell-side firms superior and anonymous execution in an open, flexible platform."

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