BankAnnapolis implements Veritas data storage and back-up

Source: Veritas

VERITAS Software Corporation (Nasdaq:VRTS) today announced that BankAnnapolis is using VERITAS Storage Replicator and VERITAS Backup Exec for Windows Servers software to protect business-critical customer data for all of its branch offices, helping employees deliver flexible, personalized service to its customers.

VERITAS also helps BankAnnapolis ensure business continuity in the face of potential disaster and comply with regulatory requirements for data retention and availability.

VERITAS Storage Replicator works with VERITAS Backup Exec software to provide Maryland-based BankAnnapolis with a seamless solution to replicate important customer data, such as customer mortgage and loan information from remote branches directly to a central server at the bank's headquarters, where it can be reliably backed up and protected. BankAnnapolis has reduced replication time by 90 percent using VERITAS software, resulting in faster application response times and helping to ensure that the most current customer information is available to employees, without slowing down normal server operations.

"VERITAS Storage Replicator provides two critical capabilities for BankAnnapolis, it protects our vital customer data in a central location and it helps us cut costs by eliminating the need for tape drives, media and backup administrators at our remote locations," says Mike Haske, vice president of technology at BankAnnapolis. "Prior to deploying VERITAS software, we spent significant resources manually replicating files from remote servers to the central server for backup and distributing updated data to the remote branches. Using VERITAS Storage Replicator to automate the replication process, we reduced replication time by more than 90 percent - a replication job that used to take four hours can now be done in less than 15 minutes with virtually no impact on server performance, ensuring that data is protected and highly available without requiring additional time and expense."

VERITAS Storage Replicator plays a key role in the bank's business continuity plan and helps them comply with regulations, such as the Gramm Leech Bliley Act, which includes provisions to protect consumers' financial information held by financial institutions. "To ensure ongoing customer service and regulatory compliance, we replicate our loan and mortgage applications from our central server to two separate remote servers every night," notes Haske. As a result, the bank can continue to serve customers with up-to-date information under almost any circumstance.

BankAnnapolis now boasts 50 percent faster data recoverability in the face of data loss. Prior to deploying the VERITAS solution it took more than 24 hours to retrieve lost data. Now data can be recovered in minutes instead of hours. Additionally, with VERITAS Storage Replicator replicating data from headquarters back to remote sites, branch offices now have immediate access to the most up-to-date information available, helping the bank better serve its customers.

Striving to be "the unbank," BankAnnapolis leverages technology to help deliver consistent, reliable and personalized service to its customers. "VERITAS Storage Replicator helps us maintain high availability of our customer data and helps us deliver business continuity in the face of potential disaster," concludes Haske. "Most importantly, it helps us maintain a high standard of service to meet all of our customers' banking needs."

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