GoldenGate upgrades Veridata

Source: GoldenGate Software

GoldenGate Software Inc., a leading provider of high availability and real-time data integration solutions, today announced the availability of GoldenGate Veridata 2.0, a powerful software product that compares data between two active databases and identifies discrepancies for data quality assurance in compliance and auditing, acceptance testing for upgrades and migrations, and disaster tolerance solutions.

GoldenGate Veridata is a high-speed, low impact data comparison engine that identifies and reports data discrepancies across databases, without impacting the availability or performance of the business applications that they support. Veridata 2.0 includes a new intuitive web-based user interface with increased flexibility in reporting, enhanced manageability in handling large databases, and role-based security.

"Since launching Veridata in 2005, we have received an overwhelming response to the technology from customers across a number of industry sectors," said Sami Akbay, vice president of product management and marketing for GoldenGate. "As more organizations strive to achieve compliance, the need for a product that can audit and verify data accuracy across applications is critical. With Veridata 2.0, customers are realizing benefits by reducing the amount of time and resources required to compare data, and decreasing their risk exposure by addressing potential problems before they negatively impact the business."

Inaccurate data can create a range of potential risks to the business if not discovered and addressed in a timely manner. For example, in order to meet changing business needs, companies upgrade or migrate to new applications, databases or hardware. This evolving environment must be verified for data consistency before user switchover in order to avoid unexpected errors and data corruption. Data discrepancies can arise due to a variety of reasons during day-to-day operations and IT teams can spend a significant amount of time and effort identifying and correcting these issues. In many cases, most data inconsistencies are uncovered when an end-user realizes the problem and after the business has been impacted. With Veridata, these common risks can be avoided.

According to Veridata 2.0 customer Gregor Pirc, IT Manager at Bankart, "GoldenGate's Veridata solution provides us with a fast and reliable technology to verify that our data is both accuraate and complete. With Veridata, Bankart's IT team is automatically made aware of any data issues which allows us the ability to rectify the problem quickly and help ensure that the reliability of the system is maintained effectively."

Using GoldenGate Veridata, companies can audit and verify large volumes of data across different business applications. GoldenGate Veridata 2.0 introduces several enhancements to the product architecture and user interface that improve usability, security and manageability. The new Web-based user interface has improved support for typical navigation and workflow patterns, and flexible reporting increases ease-of-use by refreshing automatically and providing new filtering capabilities. Role-based access improves security, and the new Web Services communication between the Veridata web and the Veridata server enhances manageability by allowing the monitoring of comparison jobs from other applications, making it a natural fit for service-oriented architectures (SOA).

GoldenGate Veridata 2.0 new features include:
  • User-based Customization
  • Flexible, Real-Time Reporting
  • Ability to Run Multiple Comparison Groups
  • Fast Mapping for Large Databases
  • More Intuitive Browser-based Interface
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