Aegis upgrades Exchange Simulator and Client Simulator test products

Source: Aegis Software

Aegis Software Inc., a leading global provider of advanced trading and testing solutions, announced today the new release of its FIX-based testing toolset, Exchange Simulator and Client Simulator.

The new versions feature more functionality and higher performance and include many new exchange simulations.

Exchange Simulator and Client Simulator are designed for the heavy-duty testing of FIX-based trading systems, for both the buy and sell side, for functional, regression and performance testing. It is designed for use by developers, QA and support teams and is particularly useful in recreating real-time production problems. Client Simulator is used to simulate inbound FIX sessions, whether from internal or external customer sources. Exchange Simulator simulates over 25 pre-packed exchanges, from equities (e.g. NYSE CCG, Arca, NASDAQ, LSE), options (e.g. CBOE, ISE, BOX) or futures (e.g. CME) destinations, as well as simulate custom FIX venues such as dark pools and custom broker/dealer destinations. Exchange Simulator can process real-time market data from Reuters, Wombat, Comstock and many other consolidated and direct-market feeds.

Highlights of the new 8.0 release include: full FIX 5.0 support, FAST market data publish and subscribe, AMEX AEMI and Sydney Futures Exchange simulation, NASDAQ intra-day cross, mass quotes and improved scripting capability with structured, multi-step test case scenarios. Almost every bulge-bracket broker has licensed the products for world-wide deployment and NYFIX has recently licensed the products after an extensive evaluation.

"NYFIX was looking for a real-time, exchange-like FIX compliant destination that would enable us to test our brand new Euro Millennium system, and simulate preferred broker destinations," commented Troy Hamilton, Managing Director, Global Head of Quality, NYFIX. "Aegis has proven to be a valuable business partner. They have successfully met a challenging timeline, delivered new functionality as requested and helped us achieve a 24*7 available exchange, that is FIX compliant," added Mr. Hamilton.

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