Deutsche Börse upgrades telecomms network for algo trading

Source: Deutsche Börse

Over the last five months, Deutsche Börse Systems has successfully upgraded its telecommunication backbone network that interconnects major international financial centres worldwide.

The upgrade meets the strongly rising demands for highest data throughput and ultra low latency which is of particular relevance to algorithmic trading. The upgraded backbone network provides to Deutsche Börse's trading systems Eurex and Xetra - as well as for external customers and partners - a new unparalleled performance level. Based on the enhanced network, Eurex will offer its new service Eurex Transaction Service in April, a faster streamlined access to the Eurex trading system for high-frequency trading strategies.

Deutsche Börse Systems has focused on upgrading the links between major European and U.S. financial centres. The minimum capacity was quadrupled and is now set at 1.25 Gbit/s, serving the markets New York, Chicago, Paris, Amsterdam, Milan and Dublin. For London based customers the capacity has increased to 5 Gbit/s, this enables transmission of the entire content of an audio CD in just one second.

The new backbone network continues using elaborate design principles, such as exclusive redundant links, different telecommunication carriers and no single point of failures. The design also encompasses a completely diverse geographical routing, including optimization of submarine fibre optical network usage. The result is unsurpassed low latency, resiliency, and availability.

Only recently, Deutsche Börse Systems' network has been able to cope with multiple sea cable fibre cuts to the Middle East and South East Asia, enabling Deutsche Börse Group customers of these regions to continue their business without any impact.

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