29West targets Japanese market with Intelligent Wave partnership

Source: 29West

29West, pioneers in low-latency messaging technology and Intelligent Wave (IWI), integration specialists in network technologies serving the financial services industry today announced a technology and business partnership in which IWI will be providing 29West ultra-low latency solutions and technical support to securities firms and other financial institutions in Japan.

"29West Japan is very pleased to be working with IWI and to be able to offer IWI's financial services customers a high-performance messaging choice as part of their industry leading solutions. Through our direct sales efforts and through key partners like IWI, 29West is committed to the Japanese market and we are very pleased with the market growth we are seeing," said Mark Mahowald, founder and president of 29West.

"There is a clear market need for high performance messaging solutions in Japan and we are seeing rapid growth in the market for our Latency Busters Messaging (LBM) and Ultra Messaging for the Enterprise (UME) Products." Mahowald added. "The trend is toward higher performance data delivery and that trend is forcing many firms to reconsider how they distribute and share data. As the need for these solutions grows globally, 29West is poised to meet that need."

"IWI is very excited to be working with 29West and to be able to offer LBM to customers as a high-performance messaging choice. There is a big market need for high performance messaging solutions in Japan. In particular, most securities companies need these solutions to prepare for the Tokyo Stock Exchange's next-generation trading system. We are also seeing rapid growth in the market for Latency Busters Messaging or LBM," said Yoshiyuki Yamamoto, president of IWI.

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