Gardner National Bank selects Goldleaf banking technology

Source: Goldleaf Financial Solutions

Goldleaf Financial Solutions Inc. (NASDAQ:GFSI), a provider of integrated technology-based solutions designed to improve the performance of financial institutions, today announced that Gardner, Kansas-based Gardner National Bank has selected Goldleaf's Retriever system for its core processing needs.

The bank, which previously did not use a core information system, needed an enterprise-wide processing platform that could efficiently handle future growth.

In addition to Goldleaf's core system, Gardner National Bank also selected ten other Goldleaf solutions, including data processing, item processing and check imaging, branch capture, report storage, document imaging, and automated teller platform.

Gardner National Bank executives determined that outsourcing its data processing would provide the most operational efficiencies while giving them the cost benefits of in-house operations. To find the best partner, a consulting firm was hired to manage the request for proposal (RFP) process. Based on an existing relationship and a recent sales call regarding remote deposit, the RFP was sent to Goldleaf, and shortly thereafter, the bank selected Goldleaf as its technology provider.

"Most banks do not like the core selection process - from selection to implementation, it's time consuming and painful, which is why we never had a core prior to Goldleaf," said Ralph Leno, president of Gardner National Bank. "This was the easiest process, and the real benefit is the company behind the product. Banks should never underestimate the value of working with good people who answer the phone, can respond immediately to any question, and are available to provide 24/7 support. The core software itself is excellent, but the attraction was definitely the ability to work with Goldleaf and its staff."

According to executives at Goldleaf, Retriever has an open database structure that allows for maximum scalability and flexibility. As the bank adds new products and markets to new areas, Goldleaf's technology and cooperative philosophy enables the bank to operate in a service-oriented atmosphere without having to retrofit legacy technology.

"We attribute our continued success in core to many factors," said Todd Shiver, EVP of sales and marketing for Goldleaf. "Certainly a key factor is our open architecture and open philosophy to integrating seamlessly with all systems. Retriever leverages technology for maximum return on investment through its functionality, scalability and agility that ultimately create significant growth opportunities for its users. Our personal service continues to win Goldleaf new core business, and our customer-centric approach is unrivaled in the market."

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