Net2S awarded AlgoSec gold partner status

Source: Net2S

Net2S, the leading business and technology consultancy for the global capital markets, today announced that it is the first company to achieve AlgoSec Gold Partner status for its work with the AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer (AFA).

As the first consultancy to receive Gold Partner status, NET2S is proven as best choice for an AFA implementation, ensuring enterprise's firewalls are not exposed to risk and are optimized for performance.

As an AlgoSec Gold Partner, NET2S meets AlgoSec's strictest partner criteria, including at least one fully trained and Certified AlgoSec Firewall Security Professional (CAFSP) in its permanent staff. Gold Partnership is the highest possible membership in AlgoSec's offering, above Fulfilment Partner and Certified Partner. In addition, with a Certified AlgoSec Firewall Security Trainer (CAFST), NET2S becomes an authorised AlgoSec Training Center (AATC).

"We are delighted to be the first consultancy to meet AlgoSec's strict criteria for Gold Partner status. Our clients all have complicated security infrastructures with firewalls from multiple market-leading vendors such as Cisco, Check Point and Juniper. The AlgoSec solution enables organisations to streamline their firewall operations, minimise risk, and comply with industry standards. Whether our clients are migrating servers, converting from one firewall vendor to another, making a rule change or auditing their configurations to ensure they match policy, the Algosec solution ensures they can do this quickly, automatically and comprehensively," states Hans Haverhals, Director of the IT Security Division at NET2S.

More than 200 enterprises worldwide rely on AlgoSec to manage their Cisco, Check Point and Juniper firewalls. Built on a knowledge base of best practices, AlgoSec's analytics engine provides enterprises unmatched analysis, visibility and intelligence into their complex and changing firewall configurations and policy.

"For AlgoSec, our clients' satisfaction is paramount. We are thrilled that a partner like NET2S, which has the same values, has gained Gold Partner status," said Bruno Weinberger, AlgoSec VP of EMEA Operations. "NET2S' expertise working with large enterprises to ensure their firewall infrastructure is maximized and secure aligns well with AlgoSec's Firewall Analyzer Product Suite. This will ensure that customers will experience the maximum value from their AFA."

AlgoSec's firewall analyzer automates the audit process, providing continuous analysis. Highlights of the AFA include:
  • Policy Optimization: Maximizes operations by eliminating clutter based on rule usage statistics.
  • Rule Cleanup: Optimizes performance by finding disabled, expired, duplicated, and unused rules and objects.
  • Risk Management: Protects business critical assets by identifying and prioritizing threats.
  • Change Management: Delivers a comprehensive change process, including "what if" analyses across multiple vendor platforms.
  • Operations Management: Simplifies conversions across firewall vendors and allows troubleshooting by offering policy server queries.
  • Server IP Migration: Streamlines migrations between IP addresses preventing service disruptions.
  • Continuous Audit: Generates automatic email alerts based on changes to risk profiles and provides comprehensive audit trail.
  • Security Compliance: Provides turnkey solutions and aligns changing configurations with internal and industry regulations and best practices.

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