Obopay extends mobile money transfers to all current account holders

Source: Obopay

Obopay, the pioneering service provider for payments via mobile phones, today announced that customers can now use their existing bank accounts to send and receive money via their mobile phone.

With Obopay's mobile money transfer, non-customers can pick up payments without signing up for Obopay. These innovations make it easier than ever for any bank customer to conveniently send and receive payments from their mobile phones.

By linking an existing checking or saving account - at any American bank - with Obopay, customers can send money directly from and receive money into that account using any mobile phone. Anyone can pick up money received by having it deposited directly into their existing bank account or by requesting a check, without having to sign up with Obopay.

Based on specific user feedback, this product expansion makes money transfer by mobile phone truly effortless. Obopay can be added to an existing bank account or used with a separate Obopay account - or both. Users don't need to know a recipient's banking information to send money, just their mobile phone number.

"Obopay's mission has always been to provide the best tools possible to conveniently get, send and spend money from any mobile phone," said Obopay Chief Executive Officer, Carol Realini. "Now we provide it directly from any bank account. This is a significant enhancement of our features, and one that is based on direct feedback from our users. We're excited to make Obopay even more useful to millions of Americans."

In addition to the obvious appeal to parents (with kids away at school), friends (who split dinner, activity or utility bills) and family (who send money to loved ones far away), Obopay gives small business owners the tools to pay employees, vendors or service providers immediately and conveniently.

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