IBM and Avaya win Pennsylvania State CU deal

Source: IBM

IBM (NYSE:IBM) and Avaya announced today that the Pennsylvania State Employee's Credit Union (PSECU) has successfully deployed a state-of-the-art solution that streamlined its processes and created faster and more-informed customer service.

The new IBM and Avaya services intelligently route PSECU clients to the agent PSECU determines is best suited to handle their call regardless of how clients choose to contact the credit union. By combining real-time and non-real-time information, agents have a full view of a member's interactions and account history including previous telephone conversations, email exchanges, chat sessions and account access attempts.

"Together, IBM and Avaya are on the vanguard of solutions for financial services," said Rick Long, Chief Information Officer at PSECU. "We have been able to handle more member interactions with consistent, personalized service across all channels. Every piece of information needed to help a member is at an employee's fingertips, and we're delivering more rapid, complete service."
Chartered in 1933, PSECU is one of the nation's largest credit unions. It serves more than 335,000 members and has over $2.9 billion in assets. PSECU members use a variety of access methods to obtain customer service including phone, online account access, interactive response, secure, account-based email and Internet email.

In today's financial industry, credit unions and traditional banks are increasingly looking for new and innovative ways to delight customers/members and maximize cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. To meet those challenges, today IBM and Avaya announced they are combining communications capabilities with traditional business processes to create unique solutions in the marketplace.

The customized interface created by PSECU and Avaya's Consulting and Systems Integration group in coordination with IBM Global Technology Services places a full suite of business applications, tools and communications features at the agents' fingertips, allowing them to improve the quality and efficiency of the client's experience.

The IBM-Avaya solutions bring the latest in unified communications and communications-enabled business processes applications to help financial institutions achieve new levels of customer service, optimize agent productivity and streamline operations.

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