Banco de Costa Rica licenses Paragon ATM testing software

Source: Paragon Application Systems

Paragon Application Systems, the leading global provider of electronic payment (ePayment) simulation, configuration and testing software, today announced the licensing of its FASTest and ATMulator software to Banco de Costa Rica (BCR).

BCR is using FASTest and ATMulator to improve QA and to reduce the time to market for new ATM features and marketing campaigns.

As the first bank in Costa Rica to install an ATM and issue a debit card, BCR prides itself on being an innovative bank. In order to quickly bring new ATM offerings to the market, BCR needed software to assist them in developing and testing these features. BCR improved their QA testing efficiency and reduced testing costs by using Paragon's desktop simulation and testing solutions ATMulator and FASTest.

"With ATMulator and FASTest, we've increased testing automation, centralized control of test cases and reduced testing times for the QA department," says Luis Morales, Project Leader for BCR. "The software is easy to use and allows us to reproduce test cases that are hard to generate in a real ATM, like device faults. FASTest has been especially helpful because it allows us to execute test cases in minutes, rather than days."

Another factor in BCR's decision to choose Paragon, was Paragon's local presence in Central America. "Paragon has quickly addressed any issues that we've had," says Morales. "Our relationship with Paragon is excellent and we look forward to working with them in the future."

"We are pleased to work with BCR and their talented staff who quickly realized the many benefits of ATMulator and FASTest," says Jim Perry, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Paragon. "We are confident that with our local presence in the region we are well positioned to meet BCR's future needs."

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