29West signs B2N to low latency technology

Source: 29West

29West today announced that B2N has chosen Latency Busters Messaging (LBM) to transport data on its ultra low latency platform.

The introduction of 29West's LBM software will greatly expand choice and flexibility for B2N customers who are already using the LBM infrastructure and new customers looking to benefit from multicast transport.

The new transport uses B2N's cutting edge data representation protocol - OneThreeSeven (OTS) - capable of shrinking the size of a standard message from 200 bytes to approaching 100 bytes, improving both throughput and latency by almost 50%. With a local presence in UK, Europe and the USA, B2N delivers to its customers the MarketHub platform, transporting vast amounts of low latency financial market data. B2N's unique zero latency technology dramatically increases the throughput of the platform. MarketHub tools assist in the development of in-house solutions on various platforms and programming languages.

"We recognize that the new transport supported by MarketHub, together with cutting edge data representation, leverages our product well ahead in this competitive market," commented Angel Uzunov, B2N's VP Sales RAM.
"We felt a real buzz when we put our services together with 29West - the data latency and throughput white papers that we are preparing to publish with them [29West] will surprise many who thought such performance would be prohibitively expensive, if available today," said Uzunov.

Annalisa Sarasini, EMEA Sales Director, 29West, said: "Choice, flexibility and latency are key considerations for businesses when choosing their messaging infrastructures. 29West's LBM messaging system, supported by MarketHub and OTS, enables a high performance messaging solution that is well suited to the industry. We are excited about working with B2N as the strength of our products will support those firms who want to be in the front of the low latency movement."

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