JPMorgan expands DocManager package

Source: JPMorgan

JPMorgan, a full-service provider of cash management, trade finance, and treasury solutions, has enhanced its DocManager Solutions hosted suite of services with the addition of Document Manage, a tool that enables DocManager Solutions users to archive, retrieve and route any paper document through a secure, Internet-based network.

With this enhancement, JPMorgan becomes the first bank to provide a true end-to-end enterprise document management solution.

Key features of Document Manage include:
  • Users can manage and share content with individuals or groups in a secure, Internet-based environment
  • Intuitive work lists and workflow tools enable multiple users to view and decision important documents online, creating a more efficient processing environment
  • Documents can be sorted and annotated online, allowing all users to view and share critical information

"With the addition of Document Manage, DocManager Solutions now offers a comprehensive solution to manage the entire lifecycle of a document," stated Joseph Stark, executive director and DocManager Solutions product head. "This enhancement provides simultaneous access to multiple users throughout the enterprise improving workflow and increasing records management efficiencies. DocManager Solutions offers a streamlined approach that allows our clients to achieve their business goals while better servicing their customers."
Document Manage utilizes a powerful search engine that makes locating archived images easy. Documents can be indexed using customized fields to meet specific search and retrieval criteria. Built-in viewers allow clients to review and order information from any document quickly and export options are present to make local storage of documents on PCs or storage media possible. Additionally, Document Manage allows clients to control who has access to archived documents so workflow processes can be managed across multiple organizations and geographic locations.

About DocManager Solutions
DocManager Solutions is a comprehensive, modular suite of tools that eliminates the need for companies to build and maintain an in-house image archive infrastructure. DocManager Solutions is comprised of four components that can be used independent of one another or in any configuration to meet a client's particular needs. Components include:
  • Document Capture - for scanning and indexing any paper document
  • Document Archive and Retrieve —to archive electronic documents and images for long-term storage with the ability to access images through a secure Web browser
  • Document Manage - a workflow tool for routing and managing electronic documents and images
  • Document Print - for printing paper documents and checks

DocManager Solutions allows clients to access images of their documents quickly and easily through JPMorgan's secure, Web-based network. Instead of taking several days to find, then transmit an archived document from storage, DocManager Solutions makes it possible to access that same document in as little as two to three seconds. This reduces the internal costs of managing paper documents and allows clients to put more of their time into servicing their customers or supporting revenue generating activities.

JPMorgan DocManager Solutions utilizes the bank's trusted and secure lockbox facilities to receive and process documents for imaging. Once received, items are scanned and indexed. All archived documents are simultaneously posted and available at two geographically dispersed backup facilities for fully redundant disaster recovery and business continuity protection. Archived images can be accessed through DocManager Solutions 24 hours a day.

DocManager Solutions was originally developed for internal use by JPMorgan and is in use today throughout the firm. Key benefits to clients using DocManager Solutions include:
  • A fully hosted suite of services that delivers secure image capture, management, storage and retrieval and printing services
  • Allows clients to save time and money by eliminating costly processing and warehousing of paper documents
  • Unlimited shelf-life for documents in a secure, Web-based environment
  • Disaster recovery protection for critical documents

As an industry-leader in lockbox, JPMorgan is ideally suited for the secure handling of large volumes of documents. When it comes to protecting valuable data, JPMorgan understands privacy and regulatory obligations better than anyone.

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