CQG expands trade routing of cash treasuries through Icap

Source: CQG

CQG, the premier analytics and order routing solution for global electronically-traded futures markets, today announced that it is increasing order routing capabilities by providing trading access directly from the CQG Integrated Client to ICAP's BrokerTec platform for existing BrokerTec clients transacting in U.S. Treasury benchmarks.

Icap's BrokerTec platform is recognized as the premier source of global electronic U.S. Treasury trading.

Leveraging CQG's reputation as the industry-leading global order routing platform for futures traders, current BrokerTec clients can now also use the CQG Integrated Client system to simultaneously route orders for U.S. Treasury benchmark products to the BrokerTec platform and orders for futures contracts to electronic futures exchanges around the world, saving both time and screen space.

Traders gain a true edge in the fixed income marketplace by using CQG's exclusive TradeFlow charts and studies, DOMTrader, and Order Ticket trading interfaces, along with the latest Smart Order functionality. In addition, CQG's API offers users the ability to bring incoming market information from the CQG Integrated Client system into external applications and process the information based on their needs.

"Existing BrokerTec clients have the opportunity to improve overall trading performance through CQG's industry-leading analytics of ICAP BrokerTec market data and high-speed order routing to the BrokerTec platform," said Jim Moock, CQG's Director of Business Development.

"This addition will contribute to CQG's continuing growth in the international financial markets. CQG continues to become a more viable alternative for traders in the fixed income arena."

The combination of CQG's high-performance order routing front-end and superior market data delivery of fixed income products offered by ICAP, the world's premier interdealer broker, gives traders participating on the BrokerTec platform a powerful fixed income solution. Only current BrokerTec subscribers can use CQG to access the Broker-Tec platform.

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