Landsbanki to roll out TietoEnator's ProBroker in Norway

Source: TietoEnator

The Norwegian branch office of the Icelandic broker and investment bank, Landsbanki, has selected TietoEnator's ProBroker solution to manage the company's securities and derivatives operation, from order management through to clearing and settlement.

The solution will be a core solution for Landsbanki and support their activity on the Oslo and Stockholm Stock Exchanges.

Landsbanki and TietoEnator have implemented ProBroker in a record time of 30 days. This challenging time-frame included complete installation, tuning and optimisation of the solution and user training. Such a rapid implementation of a core solution for an operation of this size, illustrates the maturity and scaleability of ProBroker.

Head of Landsbanki Norway, Thor Arne Talseth: "As most of our staff had worked closely with TietoEnator and ProBroker earlier, the recommendation from our brokers and traders were unanimous, and we approached TietoEnator with an inquiry to implement ProBroker as our core solution. We knew our request to TietoEnator was extremely ambitious due to our tight time schedule and desire to achieve full scale production during January 2008. However, to our great satisfaction TietoEnator's business experts guided us safely through to full scale production on time and within budget. We are looking forward to a close cooperation with TietoEnator, solving new business challenges down the road."

Helene Helvik, Head of Capital Market Sales, TietoEnator: "As Landsbanki staff demonstrated extensive business knowledge and already had comprehensive experience with ProBroker, we were able to take on such a challenge as we knew the installation project, with training, testing and tuning, could be run very efficiently. Such an aggressive timeframe is directly dependent on both the customer's market knowledge and, perhaps most importantly of all, on their deep existing expertise on ProBroker. We are very pleased to have Landsbanki join our customer base, and are looking forward to a mutually valuable relationship."

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