CardinalCommerce adds Ukash to e-commerce payments platform

Source: Ukash

CardinalCommerce Corporation, a leading provider of payment brands, today announced the addition of UK-based payment brand, Ukash, to their universal payment platform, Cardinal Centinel.

By leveraging one fast, simple and easy installation of Cardinal Centinel, merchants can enable multiple payment and checkout brands, including Ukash quickly and easily. Now the over 30,000 current CardinalCommerce Customers and all merchants that enable Centinel in the future, will have access to the growing base of Ukash customers throughout Europe and around the world.

By accepting Ukash, merchants using Cardinal Centinel will be able to gain incremental sales from the large number of consumers that prefer to pay in cash or have reservations about submitting their card data online. Ukash also allows the large market of consumers without a debit or credit card, including key groups such as teens, to benefit from eCommerce. Since Ukash is prepaid, the merchant costs and risks typically associated with chargebacks and repudiation are eliminated.

"Cardinal is pleased to add Ukash to Cardinal Centinel, our universal merchant platform that enables multiple payment brands through one easy integration," said Mike Keresman, CEO, CardinalCommerce. "Ukash is proving to be a major player in the alternative payment space in Europe and we're happy to provide this new value to our merchants."

Ukash is a simple and secure way for traditional cash consumers to buy goods and services in the online marketplace. Consumers exchange cash for Ukash vouchers and are returned a unique 19-digit number, which they submit to pay for goods and services online. Ukash is issued at thousands of locations worldwide in convenient locations such as newsstands, grocery stores and gas stations and can be redeemed at hundreds of websites, with more to come.

"Ukash is available to an estimated 226M internet users across Europe and in the future will be available around the world. This makes it a perfect fit for Cardinal's ambition to provide a full range of payment methods to global internet merchants," adds Mark Chirnside, CEO, Ukash. "Cardinal's technical team has made it an easy option for merchants using Cardinal Centinel to switch on payment by Ukash, ensuring that they can reach those consumers that wish to pay online with cash."

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