Paymetric unveils credit card acceptance system

Source: Paymetric

Paymetric, a leading provider of innovative payment card software, announced today the release of XiPayNet, an on-demand web-based service for accepting, managing and integrating credit card transactions in enterprise resource planning systems, such as SAP.

By capitalizing on the global power of the Internet, XiPayNet delivers a fast and cost-efficient service for companies seeking to integrate and streamline payment card acceptance into their enterprise systems and business processes. XiPayNet manages the payment card acceptance workflow - from payment origination, to card authorization, to transaction settlement - all without additional hardware, installation of software, or costly maintenance. XiPayNet provides interfaces for multiple credit card processing institutions and most enterprise applications, including a certified SAP interface.

"Today, more companies are seeking on-demand services rather than on-premise applications to minimize their IT operating costs," notes Ariel Mendiola, Paymetric Co-Founder and VP of Strategic Programs. "XiPayNet reduces most of the costs and risks associated with typical on-premise card acceptance solutions, while delivering complete security and best-in-class functionality. For our customers, this is a win-win scenario."

As a fully integrated solution, XiPayNet provides a single, on-demand platform for aggregating credit card payments across multiple payment origination systems, such as SAP, order-entry systems, CRM applications, and Web stores, enabling companies to dramatically reduce the cost of card acceptance. XiPayNet enables secure payments to flow directly from an organization's on-premise enterprise system, through the secure XiPayNet service at Paymetric's PCI-certified data center, to a multitude of card processors or banks.

In addition, XiPayNet delivers the following advantages as compared to an on-premise solution:
  • Faster Time-to-Value by accelerating the deployment of an integrated card acceptance solution
  • Lower Start-Up Costs by eliminating hardware purchase and software installation
  • Lower Operating Costs by eliminating the on-going operational costs of maintaining a secure, reliable environment for sensitive payment data
  • Less Up-Front Risk by using a pay-as-you-go model instead of an up-front licensing investment
  • Lower Compliance Costs by reducing the scope of PCI compliance with an offsite payment application

"As more organizations embrace software-as-a-service as a viable, cost-effective delivery model, we see this as a tremendous opportunity to continue the expansion of our award-wining payment card solutions to a wider audience," adds Ty Miller, CEO of Paymetric. "XiPayNet capitalizes on the growing market for payment integration and introduces a low cost, quick to install, and easy-to-use solution for card acceptance."

Companies interested in accepting, managing and integrating credit card transactions in their enterprise systems will be well served by XiPayNet's online, on-demand approach.

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