Obopay integrates IDology verification technology

Source: IDology, Inc.

IDology, Inc., an innovative provider of identity and age verification solutions, today announced that Obopay, the pioneering service provider for payments via mobile phones, has integrated its knowledge-based authentication solution.

Now, when consumers sign up for Obopay, their identity will be verified using IDology's ExpectID product suite including its ExpectID IQ solution which uses dynamic, multiple choice questions to determine an individual is who they claim to be online.

"Keeping our platform safe means protecting our consumers from identity theft and fraud," said Christopher Martin, Vice President and Compliance Officer, Obopay. "IDology's solutions verify identity easily and immediately. We are committed to continuing to deliver secure mobile payment services using the best technology available."

Obopay selected IDology after an extensive review of identity vendors for its experience in the financial and mobile markets as well as the convenience and control IDology gives its customers to manage the verification process. Because IDology offers on-demand change management, Obopay can easily adapt its system to meet the rapidly changing needs of the mobile payments market. And since IDology's services are not based on credit data, consumers are not asked intrusive questions -- or ones that are easy to answer when, for example, a wallet or piece of postal mail is stolen.

"Since mobile applications are really an extension of the Internet and its convenience and ease, the identity issue mobile payment providers face are the same as online providers," said John Dancu, President and CEO of Idology. "Being able to quickly and easily determine someone is who they say they are is an important part of the payment process and we are happy Obopay selected IDology."

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