Diamis reports on Target2 migrations

Source: Diamis

CRISTAL successfully enabled most of the French Critical Players to move from French RTGS - C.R.I. to TARGET2, while routing former PNS transactions towards EBA Euro1.

Diamis is proud to claim that CRISTAL is the only TARGET2 participant platform that provides fully integrated A2A dialogue with the ICM. Not only being a single-window platform to access major settlement systems, CRISTAL acts as a control tower enabling treasurers to reduce the funding cost of settlement, thanks to rule-based payments scheduling and proactive multi-currency liquidity prediction together with collateral management features.

Marc Raimbault, CEO of Diamis said: "Supporting our customers towards TARGET2 is part of Diamis' strategy since 2004, where we did announced that we'll bring them there, on due time. What really set CRISTAL solution apart, was the way we set up our own TARGET2 working group since early 2005, to enable CRISTAL to match with both the TARGET2 UDFS and the Banking community's requirements. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their involvement and dedication to this great achievement."

Sabine Lévêque, Diamis' Deputy Manager and CRISTAL product Manager, reported: "Our status of critical player was very challenging. We are very proud to enable a Banking Community to reap the entire benefit of the TARGET2 liquidity pooling services, in integrated A2A mode. Furthermore, our efforts will not discontinue as Diamis' customer base includes a number of 3rd window players, who still have to join our live customers since 1st and 2nd windows."

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