Exegy Ticker Plant available with LSE Level II data feed

Source: Exegy

Focused on delivering competitive market data solutions, Exegy announced today that its high throughput, low latency Exegy Ticker Plant is now available with the LSE Level II data feed.

"We are now able to process every European Level I and Level II exchange feed on a single, compact 3u appliance —the Exegy Ticker Plant—with a mean end-to-end latency of better than 80 microseconds," announced Jeff Wells, Exegy's Vice President of Product Management. "At a time when customers are tiring of the constant upgrades of software, machines, bandwidth, and CPU required to keep up with burgeoning market data rates, Exegy has responded with a solution that includes all the main European exchanges, creating the first true one-box solution for Europe."

This latest enhancement to the Exegy Ticker Plant's feed-handling capabilities means that it now has the following European Level II exchanges available:
  • Amsterdam Stock Exchange Level II
  • Brussels Stock Exchange Level II
  • Lisbon Stock Exchange Level II
  • LSE Level II
  • Paris Stock Exchange Level II
  • Frankfurt Level II (Xetra)

In addition, the new European Level II exchange capabilities augment the complete suite of Level I exchanges already available on the Exegy Ticker Plant, including Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon, LSE, Paris, Frankfurt, and the Level I-only European exchanges:
  • Copenhagen Stock Exchange
  • Helsinki Stock Exchange
  • Iceland Stock Exchange
  • Madrid Stock Exchange
  • Milan Stock Exchange
  • Stockholm Stock Exchange
  • Swiss Stock Exchange

The Exegy Ticker Plant also offers a number of North American Level II feeds, including ARCA, NYSE OpenBook, Toronto OrderBook, and NASDAQ Totalview.

As confirmed in independent benchmark tests conducted by STAC Research, the Exegy Ticker Plant is an ultra-low latency, one-box solution with extraordinary capacity and outstanding TCO (total cost of ownership) attributes. The Exegy Ticker Plant is the first system of its kind designed from the ground up to take advantage of the raw computing power inherent in hardware acceleration.

Now all the main European feeds will be available through a single hardware-accelerated appliance. Unlike older-technology ticker plants that consist of dozens of software-based commodity machines, Exegy's hardware-accelerated appliance does it all - feed handling, data normalization, value-added processing - in a single box, with headroom to spare.

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