Rosenthal Collins Group adds Barchart charts to trading platform


Rosenthal Collins Group (RCG), a leading independent futures clearing firm, and, a leading provider of futures, equity and foreign exchange market data and information, announced today that RCG has just introduced a comprehensive package of advanced Java-based interactive charts from Barchart on its RCG Onyx 2 trading platform.

The new service represents the most advanced Java-based charting technology that Barchart has offered to date. RCG is the first brokerage firm to integrate the new technology into its electronic trading platform.

The charting, available on the Internet both through the RCG Onyx 2 trading platform and RCG Onyx Web, the online account management tool, includes real-time and historical price and volume information for the major futures exchanges in North America. It provides multiple interactive charting types, including bar charts, "candlestick" charts and dozens of technical studies. Users can view charts for multiple commodities at a time and can customize the charts by designating time periods analyzed and trading styles. RCG and Barchart are offering "continuation" charts for futures contracts, enabling users to capture the "roll" when contracts expire and to select charts based on daily, weekly or monthly activity.

"The addition of Barchart's advanced charting capability further enhances our RCG Onyx 2 technology, enabling us to offer a terrific value-added service to our clients," said RCG Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Scott Gordon. "We are especially pleased to be the first brokerage firm to offer this integrated technology."

Said Eero Pikat, President of "The RCG Onyx technology is an ideal venue to introduce our new charting software. In addition to viewing tailored charts to help with their trading strategies, users will be able to vary the colors, fonts and sizes of different elements and to take advantage of our extensive help section, in keeping with RCG's philosophy of customized trading solutions and easy-to-use technology."

RCG created the state-of-the-art RCG Onyx 2 trading platform to meet the needs of its diverse client base of institutional, professional and retail traders, as well as introducing brokers who service their own customers. RCG Onyx 2 enables users to connect to all major futures exchanges globally. To connect, users need only a suitable computer and high-speed Internet access. The platform automatically updates users with the latest version of the technology upon each log-in, including new connections to additional exchanges and the latest application features. The trading platform with an integrated interface allows clients to monitor positions and cash movements for electronic and open outcry trading real time, review statements and attributes of their account and view prices as well as cleared transactions, in addition to other features and the new charting capability.

RCG Onyx 2 also includes trailing stops and bracket orders, easy viewing of market depth, multiple windows to facilitate multi-market trading, Excel data export capability, customizable screen layouts, an easy online tutorial, and around-the-clock client support.

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