iSmart receives Visa accreditation for Multos chip card

Source: iSmart

One of the international smart card manufacturers and iSmart, a company focussed on EMV applications development, based in Mumbai, India, have been granted a VIS 1.4 Level 3 approval for their VISA Smart Debit Credit application.

Based on a Keycorp implementation of MULTOS, the open multi-application secure smart card operating system, this is the first time that a MULTOS version of the VISA EMV specification has been granted VISA accreditation. Banks issuing VISA cards - or dual issuers of MasterCard and VISA - now have the opportunity to take advantage of MULTOS for the issuance of all their EMV cards. The application, written by iSmart, was submitted by a card manufacturer on behalf of their banking customers. A major French Bank, a dual issuer of VISA and MasterCard, was heavily involved in the development of the application and is expected to be the first bank to issue their EMV compliant VISA high assurance smart cards. The accreditation covers both dynamic data authentication (DDA) and static data authentication (SDA) profiles. This is the first VISA smart card to be based on a high assurance platform carrying an ITSEC E6 high approval rating, the highest in any software industry. This level of assurance provides confidence in the robustness of the platform against hacking attacks and in the quality of the operating system code.

Additionally the implementation offers encrypted pin functions. "We are pleased to announce the beginning of a new era where the discerning Banks can now choose to have cutting edge VSDC on MULTOS advantage" said Ravi Rao ,Vice President (Operations) iSmart International Ltd.

Tim Fletcher, General Manager Smart Card Technologies at Keycorp added, "Our banking customers have been asking us for a VISA issuance solution and now we're able to deliver a market leading product for them. Financial services organisations across the world can select from a broader choice of smart card platforms. MULTOS delivers a high assurance VSDC implementation in a uniquely flexible authentication solution and with all the benefits of an open platform." The MULTOSSDC implementation in a uniquely flexible authentication solution and with all the benefits of an open platform."

The MULTOS solution includes the Moneo French electronic purse application, a B0' application for CB compliant credit and debit and is fully EMV 2000 and Carte Bancaire compliant.

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