PayPoint says interim earnings in line

Source: PayPoint

The board is pleased to report on events, transactions and trading since the interim results.

Over the period, key contracts were signed or renewed and good progress made on business initiatives to expand our product offering.

The reorganisation and restructuring of the newly acquired internet payment and Romanian businesses are proceeding well.

Performance1for the period from 30 September 2007 to 27 January 20082and financial position as at 27 January 20083

Terminal sites have increased by 756 since the half year from 22,624 (including 3,607 in Romania) to 23,380 (including 3,899 in Romania).

Transactions processed for the period were 171 million, up 13% compared to 152 million for the same period last year. Revenues for the period were £72m, up 27%.

Earnings are in line with market expectations.

After the payment of the interim dividend of £3.6 million, net cash at 27 January was £20 million (including client cash of £8 million) compared to £16 million (including client cash of £8 million) at 30 September 2007.

  1. PayPoint's auditors have not been requested to review the performance or financial position
  2. Comparative data is given for the similar 17 week period last year (i.e. 2 October to 28 January 2007)
  3. Comparative data is given as at 28 January 2007

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