Spooz buys Unwin Technology

Source: Spooz, Inc

Spooz, Inc. (OTC:SPZI), announced an agreement to acquire Unwin Technology Ltd ("Technology") by purchasing all of the capital stock in the company in exchange for five million shares of restricted common stock of Spooz, Inc.

"The Spooz acquisition of Unwin Technology is important for two reasons," stated John Unwin the former Director of Unwin Technologies and currently the Spooz CTO. "We now have a London based company to assist us in penetrating the European markets with our product lines, and; Spooz has acquired certain technology important to SpoozToolz and the AlgoServer products."

John Unwin served 3 years as Technical Director in a public company to deliver technically innovative products into new market space improving the bottom line. He is able to present to investors, customers and the media. Previously John was a consultant (11 years) with proven ability to deliver in the finance, retail banking, telecom, public sectors and retail.

"We are excited to have John Unwin on board as he brings tremendous value to Spooz," confirmed Paul Strickland the Spooz CEO. "If you then add the value of the existing technology at Unwin Technology Ltd to the equation, this becomes a win-win for Spooz, besides, I believe John has been developing important components of SpoozToolz and AlgoServer for years."

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