Green Armor talks up authentication system

Source: Green Armor

Green Armor Solutions announced today that its Identity Cues authentication platform offers multiple defenses against advanced online fraud techniques employed by criminals such as man-in-the-middle attacks and cookie hijacking, and delivers such security without compromising user convenience.

Over the past few years criminals have greatly improved the techniques by which they trick unsuspecting people into divulging their usernames, passwords, and other personal information, thereby facilitating crimes such as financial fraud, corporate espionage, and identity theft. Lately, techniques such as man-in-the-middle attacks - in which criminals set up phishing sites that receive information from unsuspecting users and then send the information to genuine banks or other businesses being impersonated in real time - and cookie hijacking - in which criminals inappropriately access cookies that are used by some websites as a sole "second factor" of identifying users - have successfully breached firms employing multi-factor authentication. While Green Armor warned of these risks several years ago, many multi-factor authentication systems did not incorporate defenses against such attacks, and instead relied (and continue to rely) on organizations to catch fraudulent transactions resulting from such attacks after the fact - which, of course, is not only likely to be less effective at curtailing fraud, but also does not prevent the pilfering of sensitive personal information or identity theft.

As criminals' techniques improve and advanced attempts at committing online fraud continue to proliferate, the importance of the proactive defenses and advanced technology offered by Green Armor Solutions continues to grow. At the same time, Green Armor's unique technology allows organizations to deploy both site and multi-factor authentication in a fashion that does not require users to enroll, to install any software, to carry any extra security devices, to memorize any new information, or to perform extra steps during login.

Green Armor's system has consistently proven to be both more secure and more user-friendly than competing products. The Aite Group has described Green Armor as providing the "best site authentication," and Neil Steffen, Senior Manager at EPIC Advisors, noted that after comparing authentication solutions from several vendors he "found Green Armor's technology to be head-and-shoulders above those of the other firms. The Green Armor system simply offers a much better user experience as well as stronger security than the technology offered by competing providers."

Furthermore, Green Armor's technology can secure access to systems from both computers and mobile devices/smartphones such as Apple's iPhone, RIM's BlackBerry devices, Motorola's Q phone, Palm's Treo series, and other handheld computers.

"Today, the importance of protecting sensitive systems and data with truly strong authentication is critical," said Shira Rubinoff, President of Green Armor Solutions. "As criminals continue to improve their tactics, the advantage offered by Green Armor's proactive defenses against various next generation attacks grows increasingly important as a differentiator between our offering and many others."

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