Experian launches Strategy Tree Optimisation package

Source: Experian

Experian, the global information services company, has launched Strategy Tree Optimisation (STO), a packaged software application, supported by expert consulting and analytics, that enables organisations to design and implement optimised strategies that maximise an overall objective while considering policies, operational constraints and regulatory requirements.

Experian's Strategy Tree Optimisation uses a mathematical process to assess the impact upon the business goal for all customers, for all eligible decision options while ensuring all constraints are satisfied. Its interactive 'what-if' simulation improves business planning and forecasting by determining the most profitable decision strategies.

With STO, organisations can easily maximise the impact of their decision strategies with the advantage of a rapid time to value as no infrastructure changes are required, with the result that benefits are realised more quickly.

STO can help B2C organisations in the financial services, telecommunications and home shopping sectors that use business rules engines to make automated application or account-level decisions in, for example:
  • Origination, in which STO enables an organisation to increase profitability by taking on the optimal set of customers to fit within operational and business constraints
  • Pricing: by choosing the right terms, limits and price across the credit spectrum, organisations can maximise customer value
  • Customer management and line management: with optimal management strategies, clients can increase the value of their existing portfolio.
  • Collections and recoveries: organisations can get more value out of existing collections resources by optimising when and what channel each customer is contacted through

Jo Buxton, Head of Optimisation at Experian's Decision Analytics division, explains: "Strategy Tree Optimisation enhances the effectiveness of decision strategies, allowing a business to get more from its existing resources than previously thought possible. Our experience indicates that a client can expect up to 10 per cent improvement in account portfolio profitability by implementing optimisation."

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