DataSynapse and Informatica form partnership

Source: DataSynapse

DataSynapse, the leading provider of real-time infrastructure software that enables IT organisations to align with the changing demands of business, and Informatica (NASDAQ: INFA), the leading independent provider of data integration solutions, today announced the availability of a joint solution for the agile enterprise that creates more agile, scalable and manageable data integration environments for global corporations.

DataSynapse also announced that it will begin reselling Informatica's PowerCenter Enterprise Grid Option.

To comply with regulatory requirements and effectively compete in today's business world, enterprises rely on compute-intensive reporting and analytical data to deliver trusted information. These applications are mission-critical and often experience performance issues and availability problems when having to scale quickly in the face of growing end-user demand and growing data volumes.

The new solution from DataSynapse combines DataSynapse FabricServer software with Informatica PowerCenter software to overcome these issues and deliver:
  • Improved agility as automatic deployments of resources let IT respond to changes in business demand quickly and easily.
  • Improved quality of service due to computing power being available when needed.
  • Improved cost structure due to low administration costs and reduced hardware footprints, letting Informatica share with other applications.

"We are delighted to be partnering with DataSynapse," said Chris Boorman, chief marketing officer, Informatica. "The combination of PowerCenter and FabricServer delivers a solution that improves productivity, saves time, lowers cost and enables our joint customers to deliver trusted information for regulatory compliance faster and more efficiently".

FabricServer is an enabling platform for achieving real-time infrastructure. DataSynapse's application virtualisation solution dynamically configures, activates and scales applications based on business policies. FabricServer provides provisioning across heterogeneous applications and resources, helping to eliminate downtime, automate service level management and improve enterprise application performance by creating a real-time infrastructure.

"Informatica and DataSynapse are far and away the industry leaders in their respective fields, and this collaboration is a prime example of why the companies are market leaeaders," said Jeff Bashaw, vice president of business development, DataSynapse. "With the FabricServer/PowerCenter joint solution, we have answered the industry's demand for IT organisations to cost-effectively scale out ETL (extract, transform, load) environments and optimise existing resources and allocate them across applications, departments and job loads - keeping costs down as they scale up."

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