Nyfix resumes trading on Nasdaq

Source: Nyfix

NYFIX, Inc, a trusted provider of innovative solutions that optimize trading efficiency, announced today that the Company's shares will resume trading on NASDAQ with the opening of trading on Monday, February 11th.

NYFIX shares will trade under the symbol "NYFX."

"The relisting of our shares on NASDAQ marks a major milestone for the Company and its shareholders," said Howard Edelstein, CEO of NYFIX. "A NASDAQ listing will provide us with increased price visibility and access to a broader range of institutional and retail investors. It will also offer a further measure of reassurance to our clients that we have succeeded in putting a challenging period in the Company's history behind us."

"I would like to thank all of those at NYFIX who worked long and hard over the past two years to help make this a reality," said Steve Vigliotti, CFO of NYFIX. "I also want to express my gratitude to our investors, many of whom are longstanding, for sticking with us throughout this process."

NYFIX has traded on the over-the-counter market since November 2005.

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