Natixis issues first Sepa Credit Transfer using Diamis platform

Source: Diamis

Diamis' CRISTAL platform has successfully processed and conveyed the very first SCT (Sepa Credit Transfer) in Europe, towards the EBA STEP2 clearing system.

Diamis is proud to claim that CRISTAL enabled Natixis to be the very first issuer of a Sepa Credit Transfer in Europe, on January 25th 2008, with clearing date on January 28th 2008.
CRISTAL is one of the building blocks that gives birth to a multi-Pe-ACH offering. The CRISTAL platform run by Natixis is based on components of the Multi PE-ACH software package, offered by Diamis.
Marc Raimbault, CEO of Diamis said: "Supporting our customers towards Sepa is part of Diamis' strategy. What really set Diamis' solution apart, is our focus in the inter-banking arena and our commitment to deliver our customers with efficient solutions that enable them to meet their challenges."
Sabine Lévêque, Diamis' Deputy Manager and CRISTAL product Manager, said: "After this first major milestone, we are now confident that CRISTAL will also play a major role in the second TARGET2 window go-live, on the 18th of February 2008, where most of our customers will access the SSP, following those in window 1."

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