NCR upgrades ImageMark software

Source: NCR

As one of the most visible and in-demand operational improvements driven by the adoption of Check 21, remote deposit capture remains a top technology investment target for financial institutions (FIs).

NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), a leading provider of image-based technology, continues to enhance its portfolio of offerings with version 2.0 of its market-leading ImageMark Commercial Passport software, introduced today at the BAI TransPay Conference in Dallas.

NCR's browser-based application for processing commercial and merchant remote deposits has been further enhanced to include an enriched user interface, acceptance of payment coupons, and increased flexibility in branding and reporting. ImageMark Commercial Passport 2.0 offers FIs and their customers the tools to effectively "self-serve" check and remittance depositing. These latest enhancements focus on improving commercial customers' deposit experience and responding to their unique business requirements.

ImageMark Commercial Passport 2.0 delivers an easy-to-use interface for all functions, together with highly flexible reporting and management tools that enable customers to choose the data and reports most important for their line of business. FI's and their customers can also brand and customize the look and behavior of the solution, providing flexibility in how they take their remote capture services to market. It is also capable of supporting multiple languages, extending remote deposit services to a larger geographic market than in the past, as well as enabling the commercial customer to capture check or document images in a number of languages.

The new version of ImageMark Commercial Passport also provides all the functionality of the original version, such as seamless integration with an FI's business and home-banking Internet sites, complete reporting with ability to provide updates electronically to end-customer accounting systems, Back Office Conversion (BOC), duplicate item detection, multiple security levels, integrated recognition, and courtesy and legal amount recognition capability. In addition to commercial deposits, this Web-based technology also provides an integrated and scalable platform for processing transactions from other locations, including branches and automated teller machines.

"We worked very closely with several FI's, including one of the top banks in the nation, to develop an offer that would resonate with the challenges they face in marketing and in implementing a robust solution for their commercial customers," said Dick Wheeler, director of global product management for NCR's Payment and Imaging solutions. "We are confident ImageMark Commercial Passport offers the very best tool in the market to tap the benefits of remote commercial capture, be they small, medium or large business customers."

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