Fair Isaac partners High Mark to introduce Global Fico in India

Source: Fair Isaac

Fair Isaac Corporation (NYSE:FIC), the leading provider of analytics and decision management technology, today announced a ground-breaking alliance with High Mark Credit Information Services of India to introduce Fair Isaac's global-standard FICO credit risk scoring technology to Indian lenders.

The flexible design of Global FICO Score will enable High Mark to mitigate challenges in the rapidly evolving Indian marketplace that today hamper empirical developments of credit bureau scores. Global FICO Score is a scalable solution for both mature and emerging credit markets where the volume and depth of credit bureau data are evolving at an accelerated rate. As India's credit reporting system expands, Fair Isaac will leverage that growth in future versions of Global FICO Score to continue offering maximum risk assessment power to High Mark's members.

"By bringing together the cutting-edge technology of High Mark, India's newest credit bureau, with our own deep analytic experience and innovation, this alliance will create the breakthrough risk management solutions that Indian lenders need for rapid growth," said Lisa Nelson, vice president of Global Scoring for Fair Isaac. "Fair Isaac scientists designed Global FICO Score for quick implementation in new markets. That makes it an ideal solution for Indian lenders at this stage in their market's rapid evolution. Working with High Mark, we expect to set the standard for credit risk assessment in India for many years to come."

Lenders will be able to use Global FICO Score at all stages in the consumer credit lifecycle to improve decisions throughout the lending process, from account acquisition and account origination to full portfolio management.

"High Mark's new Global FICO Score will make optimal use of Indian consumer credit data using Fair Isaac technology tailored for our nation's credit industry," said Dr. Anil M. Pandya, Executive Chairman of High Mark Credit Information Services, which is awaiting its certificate of operation from the Reserve Bank of India. "Such a powerful tool, along with training and consulting support from Fair Isaac's experts, will help our members to significantly sharpen their evaluation of consumer risk, streamline their decision processes, and increase their profitability. We have seen rapid development by many Indian lenders who now have sophisticated analytical and decision-making capabilities. Global FICO Score will enhance their existing toolsets with unique technology, allowing them to take their risk management capabilities to an even higher level."

Global FICO Score also may assist Indian lenders to meet their Basel II and other regulatory compliance requirements. The scores are complementary to custom application and behavior models and can be used alongside internal scores at all stages in the credit lifecycle.

This is Fair Isaac's third alliance with a credit bureau partner in Asia. The company previously announced agreements with DP Information Group based in Singapore and with Korea Credit Bureau based in the Republic of Korea. In addition, Asian lenders are using Global FICO score in Taiwan and Thailand. In Europe and the Middle East, Fair Isaac's score has been implemented in Poland, Saudi Arabia, Sweden and Turkey. In Latin America, lenders in Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Panama are adding Global FICO score to their risk management operations. The score also is currently being evaluated by other institutions across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America.

Fair Isaac's Global FICO Score applies the company's industry-standard FICO credit risk scoring technology to rank-order consumers according to their credit risk. Designed to be consistently scaled across credit bureaus and across national borders, the score has established a global standard for consumer credit risk assessment. The Fair Isaac technology underlying the scoring model enables rapid deployment in any country with credit bureau data.

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