Lightstreamer to ship with Panopticon Enterprise

Source: Lightstreamer

Lightstreamer has been selected by Panopticon Software for their Enterprise product which is web-deployable and server-based. It enables you to quickly publish Panopticon's interactive data visualizations to the web - to a small staff or to thousands of users. Customers can install and configure the system quickly and get their users up and running with fully interactive visualizations in a system with a light IT footprint and excellent user satisfaction.

Lightstreamer is the leading push server for live data distribution based on the Ajax-Comet paradigm (also known as "AJAX Push"). Its server component implements a messaging system based on http that can manage thousands of streaming connections, where data is pushed to the many types of client (Ajax, Flex, Java, .Net, Mobile etc) in a real asynchronous fashion.

"Lightstreamer gives us some unique capabilities and it was really the only choice for us when we examined all the alternatives. We needed a technology that would allow us to deliver real-time streaming data from a wide variety of sources to web clients. The Lightstreamer system supports Java and .NET environments, which is a critical factor for us. It's has very high performance and is designed to be tightly integrated into enterprise-level systems like the Panopticon product. It's really a perfect fit!" says Markus Skytter, CTO, Panopticon Software.

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