Trading Metrics releases Market Latency Metrics package

Source: Trading Metrics

Trading Metrics announces Market Latency Metrics, a new software application that measures real-time trading system throughput, market data latency and Exchange delays.

"Today, tracking market data latency and the throughput of the data distribution infrastructure - in real time - is a prerequisite for high frequency trading strategies," says Jeff Drew, Founder and CEO, Trading Metrics. "Because our product provides real-time micro-second measurements, delays stemming from the Exchanges, the data distribution middleware or network components will trigger alerts to trading, operations and compliance."

The system does not require modifications to the Market Data platform or the trading applications in use. Market Latency Metrics samples network message traffic while it traverses Data Feed Handlers to consuming applications. The client determines the specific points of measurement. The system supports granular views of message travel time through key components or holistic views for an end-to-end picture. Market Latency Metrics can also track Direct Exchange Feed latency and latency indications for Consolidated data feeds.

"Currently, we are a Reuters Application Partner and have plans to expand to other platforms" continued Drew. Other protocols will be supported as 'loadable modules'. "We are building an extensible platform where additional protocols can be easily added while using the existing functionality of trend analysis, reporting and alerting," explains Drew.

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