29West upgrades messaging system

Source: 29West

29West, Inc., the market leaders in high performance messaging solutions, today announced that the release of version 2.0 of the UME product family will be generally available in February of 2008.

The early access version of UME 2.0 has been shipping for the past 3 months, and the GA date has now been set.

The UME 2.0 release includes features based on focused customer feedback from leading edge banks and exchanges as well as rigorous performance tuning and testing. The UME 2.0 release sets a new standard in financial messaging due to three factors:
  • Parallel Persistence - utilizing simultaneous delivery to recipients and stores, providing up to 10 times the throughput of alternative solutions, with latencies as low as 70 micro seconds
  • Metro Area Failover - leveraging multiple stores across multiple regions to provide ultra high reliability and outstanding deployment flexibility
  • Reduced deployment cost - UME 2.0's ultra-efficiency enables customers to reduce data center space, power consumption and costs by leveraging inexpensive hardware for redundancy and allowing far higher message loads to be handled with existing server and network equipment

UME 1.0 was released in January of 2007, and is in production in order routing applications in exchanges, full trading systems deployments at hedge funds, and market making and prop trading applications in key investment banks world wide. UME 2.0 builds on this production experience, and extends the feature set with multi-store failover (quorum and consensus), a native Windows store, and extensive performance improvements.

Mark Mahowald, founder and CEO of 29West, commented: "UME 2.0 is a great milestone for 29West. Since our introduction of LBM in 2004, with its no daemon, no server, pure application to application messaging design, we have been setting the standard in performance and efficiency in financial market messaging. Others have copied some of the features in our LBM design, but our performance is still unmatched. Over the last 2 years, in over 100 29West product evaluations, we are only aware of two firms that chose to purchase a competing product, where 44 leading financial firms have purrchased from us. Our free evaluation model encourages these head to head comparisons and we are very excited about the market interest in UME 2.0. With its performance and design advantages, we believe UME 2.0 will become the new standard for how high performance guaranteed messaging applications are deployed."

UME 2.0 supports Linux, Solaris, Windows and AIX operating systems, with C, .NET and JAVA API's.

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